● The shape and the height of the ring influence the choice of the right size. Thin and fine rings ( engagement rings, thin wedding rings..) tend to fit a little bigger that their size, while rings that are quite high instead ( multile bands rings, high band rings..), tend to fit a little smaller than their size. 

A band ring with an height of 5 mm is the perfect compromise to define your true size. According to your real size than you can choose the correct size of new rings considering its shape and height.

Example: for a band ring 5mm I fit perfectly a size 13 form my ring finger (generally size M)

-> if I want to buy a thin ring I’ll choose a smaller size (es. 11/12)

-> if I want to buy a big and high ring I’ll choose a bigger size (es.15)


So many different sizes exist! that’s what Preziosa chose:

3 SIZES (S-M-L) for all ADJUSTABLE RINGS This is because each size can be adjusted and can fit one or two size more or less.

5/6 SIZES (XS-S-M-L-XL-XXL) for all CLOSE RINGS Enough to find the perfect size!


1. Save this PDF file and print it out, please be sure of keeping the proportion of 100% ( you can find the option to scale the document in the print window, choose scale:100%)

2. Once you’ve printed the document, check with a ruler the length of the “sample segment”, it must be 5 cm! this is the best way to be sure you’ve printed the document keeping the real proportion!

3. Take a ring of yours that you usually wear on the finger for which you’re looking for a new ring. Put the ring on the circles drawn below until you find the perfect one!

4. Be sure that your ring doesn’t have to cover completly the black line, you must be able to see a little of the line inside your ring !


In the description of each ring on the website of Preziosa, you will find all the sizes available for that specific ring (S,M,L..) and all the relative equivalent dimensions(10,11,12..).