Preziosa Milano jewels take origin from shapes and ideas which translate emotions, visions and sensations, they never come from simply beauty. Starting from this inspirations Preziosa creates unique jewels through its design. The design of Preziosa Milano is the perfect aesthetic balance between a simple and elegant style, together with colors of metals and semiprecious stones. The collection is characterized by soft important volumes and curvy lines; they convey harmony to the shape and preciousness to materials. Each piece is designed to be different, unique and original.

Preziosa jewels are recognizable by their refined aesthetic, united with the best italian quality handcraft. Polished and shining surfaces create small sculptures which are noticed thanks to their gentle volumes and their perfect delicate details. Preziosa dedicates great attention to jewels' wearability and lightness, which are two essential elements in order to guarantee an high quality product. Pure silver and 24 k yellow and 18 k rose gold define the collection's colour range, which aims to be a versatile as well as a sophisticated line for every occasion.


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