Is Preziosa J's last in, is simple but deeply full of meaning.

The magic WIND ROSE has always been one of the most fascinating symbol, it guides our souls and it and invites us following the wind in order to find the right road.

The new Bracelet WIND ROSE goes next to the famous WORL DMAP by Preziosa.

From one side we have the planisphere as symbol of the WANDERLUST spirit, from the other side we have the wind rose in order to remember us the best way to live adventures, with the written quote: "LET THE WIND BLOW".

Endless meanings are associated with this magical symbol. Preziosa chooses the wildest and the purest of all of them: let the wind guide our actions, let the wind guide out soul and our spirit. The wind, as a natural power and force, guides us and blows us so that it somehow already knows our destiny better than we do and following the wind can be the answer to all our questions. The wind of adventures, the wind of change, the caressing wind..listen to it and let it blow.

Tiny and precious this charm hold a powerful meaning from GLOBER philosophy by Preziosa.

In silver 925, entirely handmade in Italy, according to the best manufacture and quality.

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