This collection is dedicated to emotional geography. Emotional geography is defined as the union of emotions which are more or less related to space. For some people these emotions come from their relationship with cities or places they have lived in. While, for others, the emotion arises from the experience of traveling itself. Humans communicate with space in different forms. In many cases you can say it is an interaction between them which in turn creates the sensations of familiarity. This interaction is the reason why sometimes we find ourselves going to a particular place or the reason we feel alive when we are heading somewhere. Cities are like people, the have their own temper and they show themselves to travelers in distinct ways. There are cities which convey energy, others have a friendly air to them. In many cases cities are powerful or on the contrary relaxing and inspiring places. Traveling opens your mind, relaxes your soul and makes ideas wander. Journeys matter for the emotion the give. This is the philosophy of Glober Collection by Preziosa. Precious silver jewels with pink gold 18k platings are dedicated to those who have a "glober" soul, term created by Preziosa in order to unify everyone who loves emotional geography, everyone who feel alive in a particular city or during a journey. The Glober Collection is born i the four fashion capitals, which also happen to be considered the most exciting cities in the world: New York, Milan, Paris and London. Besides this, there's the Planisphere, symbol of reachable land, to celebrate traveling endless beauty. Preziosa's trademark is the quality of materials and PD, and it is accompanied by a special added value, which makes the Glober collection really distinct and inimitable.


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