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Prezzo da: €152.00
#GCNY1 - New York Necklace
Necklace in Silver 925 and Silver 925 Pink Gold 18k Plated.
This necklace rapresentes the city of New York with its skyline. Different monuments can be identified: Chrysler Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty.
- chain: 70cm
- Silver 925: 196€
- Silver 925 Pink Gold 18k plated: 226€

New York Necklace
New York: unique and stunning, this is probably the most famous city in the world. This necklace from Glober Collection is dedicated to New York City, a whole city held in a precious charm, rapresented by its unique skyline.
Silver 925 and Silver 925 Pink Gold 18k Plated
- chain: 70cm


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