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About Us

This is the story of an adventure, started in January 2015 by a young girl’s imagination and her family’s support. Silvia Preziosa was born on September 26th, 1991. She studies at Liceo Classico Salesiano in Milan and after her diploma she enrolls in the Fashion Design faculty at Politecnico University in Milan. After graduating, she flies to London and New York, where she attends the Parsons School of Design and it is here that her passion for jewellery is clearly established. It is from her travels and her experiences abroad that the idea of creating "Preziosa" was born; inspirations for her creations it's always generated from something that her creative mind sees, hears or breathes around the world. In 2014 she enhances her knowledge of jewellery, dedicating herself to specific courses, until in January 2015, she founded the “Preziosa” mark. The philosophy at the base of Preziosa is the creation and research of an added value in each and every one of its jewels, able to make its essence even more exquisite. These values are found in the background story of every piece and in its shape’s originality and creativity. The Glober collection is intensely full of meaning and tells a vision of the world dedicated to who loves traveling and adventure, to everyone who feels a travel soul and is capable of being fascinating by our incredible world; each one of its jewels withholds a small part of this strong positive energy. Preziosa Milano instead, researches a more elegant style, matched with a unique design, therefore able to be distinguished, making each jewel a small sculpture, a piece of art to wear. Each piece is designed and created by Silvia step by step till the final prototype, because "feeling" the jewel is always essential for a designer and these are the details that make Preziosa a true jewelry brand, based on a pure passion.


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